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Active Ageing

Over the years it is easy to forget about exercise when it’s not routine. Remaining sedentary over life can lead to metabolic disorders and many diseases associated with physical inactivity.

Exercise for seniors should be something performed regularly. Making it fun and routine will help in the long run. There are numerous health benefits we can receive from an exercise program. Following, are just a few reasons we should either start now or continue to exercise with Health n’ Motion.

¨ Arthritis- Regular activity helps reduce overall pain and stiffness.

¨ Heart Disease- Seniors exercising later in life can help reduce the number of individuals with heart disease through the management of blood pressure, blood glucose and decreased LDL cholesterol. This helps maintain proper body weight and insulin levels.

¨ Cancer- Exercise has been shown to help improve overall cancer risks and helps keep cancer in remission by improving the immune system.

¨ Depression– Exercise improves our mood. Studies suggest that group exercise classes among seniors can help reduce symptoms of depression by 30% or more.

¨ Dementia– Exercise is now proven to be one prevention strategy that can help slow the mental decline. A recent study showed a 66% reduction in risk of dementia when older adults performed moderate to intense exercise, suggesting every adult ought to exercise to help lower the risk of mental decline.

¨ Quality of Life– Maintaining functional independence is a great goal. At Evergreen Fountains, regular exercise inclusive of strength and balance training can help accomplish this. Aim to be physically active for 30 minutes every day with strength training at least 3 times per week. May our wellness goals be achieved.

Let’s embrace our new season. Enjoy all God’s blessings this spring, and continue with our close community.

Live Well,

Prokey Arger- Executve Director/ Owner

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