Dynamic Health N' Motion programs show signs of improving residents vitality and freedom of motion.

There are many benefits of physical exercise among seniors and it's imperative to our goals here at evergreen fountains to create freedom of movement with all residents. It's our mission to "promote and enhance our Resident's wellness and vitality." We aim to improve and maintain our Resident's independence. Based on our wellness model we believe true freedom is the ability to be move with strength, balance and mobility.

"Living Well is a Way of Life" at Evergreen Fountains. We provide within our facility a state-of-the-art Wellness and Fitness Center for our residents. There is a variety of activities offered that are fun as well as motivating. Our fitness programs are led Sarah our Wellness Director and Ethan our Personal Trainer. Here at Evergreen Fountains we have seen first hand how our dynamic programs have helped our residents achieve freedom of movement; furthermore, we are now offering virtual workouts to combat the Covid-19 threat within our community.

Our programs offered can be found on our website under Health N' Motion.

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