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Leadership…Can you name some great leaders?

What determines a great leader? If I could direct your attention to Moses, in the Bible, perhaps that would give us an example. Moses received some very distinctive instructions, rules and guidance in his leadership time. He received and taught the Ten Commandments. He also had to lead a large group of stiff-necked (God’s words, not mine) people to the Promised Land. The first group did not get to enter; the second group was able to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. Moses did not get to enter the Promised Land because he made a mistake.

If you are interested in the Reader’s Digest version of his efforts, check out the book of Deuteronomy. This book recaps the Israelites travel from Egypt to the Jordan River, the second time.

So, why is Moses considered a good leader? Consider this… Moses is continually instructing the Israelites of work to be done after they enter the Promised Land. He is reminding them of the original promise to Abraham – the very reason they get to enter the Promised Land. Moses reminds them of the Commandments they are to dwell upon. Moses has intervened on their behalf to keep God from destroying them. He has given them all the necessary tools to be successful when they cross the Jordan.

Moses does not get to go with them, everyone knows that, yet he continues to teach them for their success. Moses is the last of those that will die before they get to go into the Promised Land. Moses is about to die and he is to bless/anoint Joshua to take command of the people. He gives the people all the tools, instructions and requirements they need to be successful after they reach the land of milk and honey – a place he does not get to touch. He has trained a successor to take his place to lead the people when he dies. He does this willingly, even though these people rebelled against him many times. That is selfless motivation of others and successful community building. Is this, perhaps, the mark of a great leader?

-Pastor Mike

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