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Boosting Psychological Well-Being

Researchers have recently determined (“Quality of Life Research 2017” ) that older adults who lift weights can build more than muscle. Resistance training can strengthen ones outlook on life as well.

The scientists say frequency is an important variable in maximizing benefits. All participants in the exercise groups completed two supervised strength training sessions per week. Each training session started with a ten minute warm-up and lasted approximately one hour, included eight or nine muscle groups per each strength training session.

After the three month mark all exercise groups reported improvements in environmental quality of life and depressive scores.

In conclusion, the key observation noted in the study was in addition to building strength as well known physical benefits, resistance training is also beneficial for environmental quality of life and sense of well being.

Functional strength training both promotes overall life quality and particularizes programs to promote strength, endurance, and mobility.

Maintaining physical independence is a task function of specific physical activity aimed at enhancing overall quality of life.

Thank you for your participation within our Health n’ Motion Wellness programs. Our wellness programs at Evergreen Fountains are continually being updated to best serve our family of residents in the quest to enhance independence. Let’s “spring forward and welcome the new season ahead.

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