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Friendships Happen at Evergreen Fountains


The relationships between physical activity and vitality is well documented, however, there is increasing research supporting the positive effects of social interaction on maintaining physical health and a sharp mind. There are numerous ways to stay socially connected such as, volunteering, participating in activities, taking classes, learning new skills, attending church, and exercising together for fun.

Life enrichment and vitality is our focus at Evergreen Fountains, enabling our residents to develop more friendships, socialize more, worry less, have better nutrition and exercise more. Health and Wellness is the cornerstone of “quality of life.” Our Directors/Managers are busy organizing and developing new and fun activities including Health n Motion exercise classes to benefit our mind and bodies. I am pleased to see the excitement, great participation and gains made. Thanks you for all your efforts.

November, a month of remembrance, Veterans Day honors all members of the Armed Forces who served this country in a very big and valiant way to protect and preserve our freedom. We are honored to be present among our Great Veterans at Evergreen Fountains whom we recognize and celebrate their accomplishments, and sacrifices made for our great country, the U.S.A. for liberty and freedom.

Join with us in celebrating at our annual Veteran’s Day Dinner program in honor of our many veterans and spouses among us, and in memory of those who have passed on to be with the Lord.

Your acts of courage inspire us all.

Live Well,

God Bless,

Prokey Arger- Executve Director/ Owner

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