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Heart Awareness

Wellness activities focusing on heart health awareness might include:

¨ Blood pressure checks and monitoring

¨ Low to moderate sodium intake

¨ Healthy diet with moderation

¨ Doctor visits and checkups

¨ Medication interactions oversight

¨ Fall prevention

¨ Avoiding the flu—washing hands frequently

¨ Ample sleep

¨ Importance of regular exercise, maintaining mental and physical well-being in a fun, social environment

Lack of physical activity in older adults results in much of the contributing factors of heart disease. Regular exercise on land or in our warm water pool have many life sustaining benefits, such as;

¨ Reduces bone loss and diseases

¨ Increases muscle strength, improves balance and mobility

¨ Men and women with high blood pressure can lower risk of stroke even with moderate levels of exercise

¨ Studies show increased levels of physical activity are associated with reduced heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, depression and anxiety

¨ Fitness can have a positive impact on health regardless of age or the presence of chronic illness

Being physically active is a real key in maintaining quality of life and independence.

Let Evergreen Fountains help you find the way to better health and independence. Elisa, our Wellness/Fitness Coordinator is eager to produce the best program available within our Health n’ Motion classes. Our Health n’ Motion classes are complimentary for our residents.

Health and wellness is a life enrichment benefit we all hope to enjoy.

My office is always open, so let’s plan for a fun, healthy year as we aim to exceed our resident expectations in excellence.

Live Well,

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