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It’s what is on the inside that counts!

From the time we were little wee ones, to the terrible teens and even through the frazzle and frumpy years of raising children (okay….only mothers can relate to that) we have probably heard over and over “It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like…it is what is on the inside that counts.”

I think we would all agree with that perspective. Sure, it is nice to have a good hair day, or to smile in the mirror and see a sparkling reflection smiling back, or to put on a nice outfit that makes you look dazzling or dapper. And let me tell you, I have seen a good many of you looking mighty fine at dinner time or wine and cheese. And after several months of spending time with you and having the delight of getting to know you all on a deeper and more personal level, I can confidently say that your inner souls are just as wonderful as what I see on the outside!

And yet, on the other hand, could there be a little more to “It’s what on the inside that counts” than just the obvious? Recently, new research has been looking at not only our “health” in general…..but what really contributes to our health! We know that eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep and a consistent amount of exercise every day are just what the doctor ordered. Studies are also drawing conclusions that what is inside our muscles plays a huge role in whether or not we can fight illness, weakness and the inevitable bulge that clings to us like a leach and sucks our energy!

Healthy muscles are packed with mitochondria. These are referred to as the “powerhouse” part of our cell because they are necessary to supply us with energy to meet the demands we place on our bodies! How do they work? Simple- they utilize the extra fat we carry to make energy for us to use. Not only that, but healthy muscle that is full of mitochondria and void of fatty tissue helps us control weight issues and decrease risks related to diabetes and heart disease. It is not coincidental that as the muscle disappears, several problematic issues start to appear! So, how is it that muscles disappears? It is a simple matter of supply and demand. The less mobile and the more sedentary we become, the more our muscles tell our bodies to ease off the mitochondria production because they aren’t getting used. So what happens when the mitochondria leave the muscle? Something dangerous takes it place….fatty tissue settles in and makes itself at home. This can be toxic as fat causes the tissue to be less responsive to insulin and this is the quickest and surest way to gain weight and invite diabetes.

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