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Reasons to Ditch the Chair for Weights

What are your Top 3?

I can think of about half a dozen reasons to talk myself out of a vigorous walk, a session of stretching, a midafternoon exercise class or putting my bathing suit on first thing in the morning and hoping into a large body of cool, wet water for aerobics! But you know what? I can think of over 50 reasons to pull myself out of my comfy chair and engaging in a little exercise. I can think of all the benefits to getting a good session of stretching and movement in before lunch time and why that is better than another cup of coffee! I can think of the fact that the comfort it might cost me to put forth a little extra effort far outweighs the long-term discomfort inactivity may result in and that alone puts a little pep in my step! Let me share with you the ever growing list of health benefits that living an active lifestyle leads to and you can be inspired by your top reasons for your putting your health in motion!

Increase Heart Health

  1. Increase Blood Circulation

  2. Lower Blood Pressure

  3. Help prevent arterial plaque build up

  4. Reduce heart and artery inflammation that leads to cardiovascular disease

  5. Regulate Cholesterol levels

  6. Your heart is a muscle that is strengthened through exercise

  7. The stronger your other systems become, the less stress and oxidative damage to your heart

Disease Control and Prevention

  1. Regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels for diabetes prevention/control

  2. Helps control inflammation that creates an immune response and causes pain and various health complications

  3. Improved metabolism and waste processing helps prevent intra-cellular toxins from building up and causing illness

  4. Prevents heart, artery, brain and cell plaque/build up that can lead to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases.

  5. Stimulates immune system response, builds up antibodies and kills foreign organisms that damages organs and other systems in the body

  6. Strengthens your bones to prevent osteoporosis

  7. Weight control through cardiovascular and muscle strengthen exercises can help prevent a plethora of health complications due to excess weight

Enhance and Stabilize your Mood and Mind

  1. Improve and regulate your sleep cycle/patterns

  2. Over time exercise can develop and build up your energy levels

  3. Releases endorphins to enhance your mood

  4. The fun and social component is encouraging and enjoyable

  5. Activity enhances awareness and alertness

  6. Prevents cognitive decline

  7. Can improve and rebuild neurological pathways in the brain

  8. Decreased pain and discomfort can enhance one’s happiness

  9. Develop comfortability and confidence as your strength, flexibility, coordination

  10. balance improves.

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